Web & Mobile Designer in 2022: UI/UX, Figma, +more

Learn how to make website and mobile designs. Learn by doing approach on Web & Mobile Designer in 2022: UI/UX, Figma, +more…

Web & Mobile Designer in 2022: UI/UX, Figma, +more

Web & Mobile Designer in 2022

Just updated with all modern Design tools and best practices for 2022! Join a live online community of over 600,000+ students. A course taught by industry experts that have actually worked in Silicon Valley and Toronto for top companies.

Using the latest best practices in Web Design and Mobile Design. User Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX), this course focuses on efficiently getting you from zero to a point. Where you can get hire or win freelance contracts. We will use in demand tools like Figma to show you a full workflow from start to finish. Graduates of Andrei’s courses are now working at Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook, + other top tech companies.

The course includes 100+ assets and premium design templates. You can keep and use to customize for all your future projects. We guarantee you this is the most comprehensive online resource on Design skills!

The curriculum is going to be very hands on. We walk you from start to finish of working as a Designer. All the way into learning how to create final professional designs. Converting them into actual websites or apps using HTML and CSS. 

The topics covered in the course are…

  • 00 Web & Mobile Design Principles +  Design vs Web Development
  • 01 GETTING START – Sketching, Inspiration + Structure
    • 1. Sketching
    • 2. Inspiration
    • 3. User Flows
    • 4. Sitemaps
  • 02 EXPLORE AND ITERATE – Wireframes, Prototyping and Feedback
    • 1. Wireframes
    • 2. Prototyping
    • 3. Getting feedback
    • 03 VISUAL DESIGN – Design Theory + Accessibility
    • 1. Grids + Spacing
    • 3. Color
    • 4. Forms + UI Elements
    • 5. Imagery + Iconography
    • 6. Accessibility
  • 04 DESIGN EXPLORATION – Application Design + Design Systems
    • 1. Design Patterns
    • 2. Mobile Design
    • 3. Applying Visual Design
    • 4. Motion
    • 5. Microinteractions
  • 05 PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER – Using our Design System and Hi-Fi prototyping with Figma
    • 1. Design Systems
    • 2. Final Compositions
  • 06 FROM FIGMA TO WEBSITE (take a Figma design and convert it to a live website using HTML and CSS)\
  • 07 HTML + HTML5
  • 08 CSS + CSS3 – CSS Basics, CSS Grid, Flexbox, CSS Animations

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to start a Web or Mobile Design business on the side as a freelancer. And work as a designer at a company
  • Web Developers and Mobile Developers wanting to add valuable skill to their tool belt
  • Anyone who wants to get hire as a Web Designer, Mobile Designer, UI/UX Designer
  • Anyone who wants to learn about the latest CSS3 features. Like Flexbox, CSS Grid and CSS Variables and HTML5

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