Run Ads the Easy and Fun Way Without Falling into Google’s Money Traps… costing you thousands of dollars…

Easy YouTube Google Ads - Marketing and Advertising Traffic

Easy YouTube Google Ads – Marketing and Advertising Traffic

I created this course because running ads can be extremely stressful, frustrating, and discouraging if you are not careful.

I bet no one lays it out for you as clear as this before but these are the steps you need to take… when running a YouTube ad campaign.

Running ads is almost like betting on horse racing. Each horse is your campaign. Which one should cut from the team and which one should you continue to invest in and let them run to continue to make you money?

There are like a million questions, right? And the people who have figured it out have an unfair advantage over their competitors. They can afford to continue running ads and grow their business while their competitors are forgotten. In business, if you don’t have a constant supply of traffic… your business will die and be forgotten.

If all this sounds discouraging to you. Don’t worry. I was sitting in your extract seat years ago. I know what it feels like to run ads for the first time that’s why I will hold your hand and guide you step by step.

My goal is to decrease your cost, increase your views, clicks, and conversions. Because if you can do that, you will be able to reach that sweet spot, that spot where if you spend $1 in ads you get $2 or more back. And if you can get to that point, you would run ads nonstop and build your business and turn it into an empire.

But it all starts with understanding how running ads work, that’s why I created this introduction week for you. It will explain the simple math’s behind running ads, the difference between Facebook vs.

Google Advertising, The different types of YouTube Ad formats and which one to use for your business, the 13 biggest YouTube ad mistakes that are costing beginners a fortune when running ads the first time, and finally, a review over the steps of Running YouTube ads so that you make sure to do it right the first time. Because every dollar counts.

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