Design Characters for animation in Adobe Animate: animate a character step by step: animate a full scene…

2D Character Animation Walk Cycles

2D Character Animation Walk Cycles

If you love animation and cartoons and want to know how to design your own characters for animation; if you want to learn animation skills that can open the doors to an actual career path in the animation industry, or if you just want to learn how to make your own short animated films, this course will teach you exactly those skills. This workflow is based on character animation in Adobe Animate.

This course covers a complete Animation Workflow – from concept all the way through to final movie clip – using Adobe Animate

I’ll also show you how adding a short piece of music to your scene can suddenly elevate it and make it look like it’s part of a larger sequence or movie.

The main outcome is to have a whole set of professional-looking pieces for your animation portfolio. You’ll be able to walk away from this course with some amazing work that you can show to any studio when you’re applying for jobs; but not only that – you’ll walk away with skills that you can apply to any kind of animation that you want to do.

Because, even though this course is project-based; what you will be learning through these projects are core animation principles that you’ll use from here on out if you go on to become a working animator.

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