3 Features of All Great Logos

There are billions of logos in the world and the number of logos are increasing in our planet day by day, but, have you ever noticed that very few logos which are able to grab attention and stay in your subconscious for a very long time other than many logos you never remember again.
Most of the time It happens because of the 3 common features in those successful logos. Try to remember the logo of Apple or Nike or Amazon, what are those 3 features which are common in them? The features they all share are:
  1. They are very simple and not complicated
  2. They are as good as in Black & White as in color
  3. They have very strong in terms of their form
If you are a business owner and hiring graphic designer to design your logo, then you should keep in mind those famous examples, relevant to your industry, because logo is the very first representative of your organization.
If you are a graphic designer and trying to give your client a great logo, then you should consider not only these 3 features but also add the fourth feature that your logo should be in vector format so that it could be scaled easily.

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