5 Steps You Should Follow to Make Better Logo for Client

A logo is the most important element of any identity design package. It is the first representative of yours or your client’s business or organization. When a client approaches for his / her logo design project, it is very important for you, being a designer, to get insight into the client’s actual requirement. Following are 5 most important questions you should ask your client before starting the project to get the complete picture of your client’s exact requirement and expectation:

  1. The Client’s Business ?

    Whenever client hires you and delegates his / her logo design project, It is best to gather some information about the business you are going to make the logo for. This step will take some time but it’s worth doing.

  2. Who is Your Target Market?

    After gathering the information about the field of business, the second step is to know about the target audience of that business you are hired to make the logo for. This step is important because it will save you from making irrelevant decisions about your design considerations.

  3. Who are Your Competitors?

    It is very important to know about the competitors of your client’s business because it will help you to understand the industry’s requirements and design conventions, not necessary to follow those conventions, but it will help to have better design approach which likely more acceptable for your client.

  4. Logo Style Your Client Desire?

    It will be very helpful for you if you see the design from your client’s eyes and the best to get insight about client’s mind is to ask him if he could tell you his / her desire to follow a specific style, for example, you make logo with more modern approach, on the other hand, your client expecting to see something traditional. If it happens, then your client may lose trust in your abilities.

  5. Color Options?

    It is best to ask the client about his color choices for the logo because maybe he or she dislikes some specific colors and don’t want you to use them in his / her logo design or maybe the organization or service, you are making the logo for, already following any specific color palette.

From the very start to the beginning you should involve your client in every stage from initial concept development till the final finished design to avoid any unpleasant surprises for both.


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