Absolute Beginners 3D character in Blender course

Learn, how to use Blender. Learn by doing approach on Absolute Beginners 3D character in Blender course…..

Absolute Beginners 3D character in Blender course

Absolute Beginners 3D character in Blender course

You have heard about Blender, and you want to jump in on this free program?

Weather you are a complete beginner or a bit more advanced Blender user. You could find something for you in this course.

This is the Absolute Beginners 3D character in Blender course. We will be making this cute guy here concepted by Deema Egorov.

My name is Niko and i will be your host trough this creative journey. I am a 3D character artist. I am working in the industry 13 years ago. Now i started to work in Blender only. I will show you the workflow to create a 3D character in Blender from scratch, rig, pose and present it. We will make some props to practice hard surface modelling in Blender. I am a digital sculptor we will emphasize on the sculpting part. I will show you the complete workflow to make a character with clothes, props, pose.

In this course, very important thing is that a beginner should know about Blender. I will make a basic quick human head to show you that sculpting is not scary at all. We will start our mouse hero from the head. I will show you all necessary things and guide you through the whole process of creating a character from concept. With each step we will learn new things. We will repeat the things we already learned to solidify our knowledge.

This course is for absolute beginners in Blender and in character art.

Some people say Blender is a lot of things. I would say from experience, that Blender is good enough for everything. I need to make a full character from high poly to low poly and UVs. In this course we will do a character for portfolio. If you want to make your first character and start your 3D character career, you first have to try it. Lets start using 3D Blender!

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn Blender and make 3D characters in it

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