Animated Infographics With After Effects

Learn to design and animate infographics using the After Effects software…



Animated Infographics With After Effects

Animated Infographics With After Effects



By subscribing to this course you will learn how to design infographics and how to animate them using the after effects software. This course starts with you from scratch step by step until you reach a professional level and master infographic design.

When you complete this course you will have the tools and techniques that enable you to design any infographic you want without any complications and in a brief amount of time.

We will create 5 different designs so that you can learn to design multiple infographics types.

You will find the designs shown in the course attached with the course as an open-source file so that you can use them.


View free videos of this course here


The course is divided into two parts on for designing the infographics and the other for animating them.

We are waiting and happy for you to join us.

  • Motion Graphics Designers
  • Anyone that wants to learn to create animated infographics


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