Auburn 24 Brand Sheets

Auburn 24 Brand Sheets

The Auburn Brand Sheets are a series of 24 individually designed branding template sheets designed in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign

You can customize everything – including the logo, or drop in your own logo design. You could even customize one of the logos from our Auburn Logo pack and drop that in! 😉

What is a Brand Sheet?

Also known as Brand ‘One Sheet’ or Style Sheet, the brand sheets are a way to present the key elements of your brand identity on a single page. The brand sheet projects a company’s identity and defines how your clients, customers and partners view that business.

The Auburn Brand Sheets are ideal for presenting branding or logo concepts to a client or as a really effective way of​ promoting your latest branding projects online. The templates are long and the dimensions are perfect for Instagram stories and Pinterest. It’s also a fantastic way to add value to a brand guidelines project.

The Auburn Brand Sheets include; Logo and Sub-Marks, Colors, Typography, Mood, Digital (Phone and Ipad), Instagram, Business Cards, Letterheads, Swing Tags, Shopping Bags and more!

What can I customize in these templates?

Everything is fully customizable.

  • The template includes editable placeholder Logos and Sub-Marks.
  • The fonts and colors can be changed to suit your brand
  • The Business Cards, Letterheads and Invites are all saved as separate, linked and editable files.
  • The Apple products are drawn as shapes so you can change the color of devices. You can even change the Instagram​ bio text and profile pic!

Download Auburn 24 Brand Sheets

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