Blender 2.8 Beginners Guide To 3D Modeling A Sci-fi Scene

Blender 2.8 A Beginners Complete Guide To Modelling, Rigging, Animation, Lighting, Rendering, Materials & Texturing…



Blender 2.8 Beginners Guide To 3D Modeling A Sci-fi Scene

Blender 2.8 Beginners Guide To 3D Modeling A Sci-fi Scene



This course has been 3 months in the making. I truly believe that this Udemy course is unique compared to other courses currently on the market. I really hope you enjoy taking the course as much as I have had to create it.


We will be creating a sci-fi door scene – a contraption reminiscent of popular cinema titles. This course is coming out just a few months before a major game release that will revolutionize the sci-fi genre, Cyberpunk 2077 by Project Red. The sci-fi door we will be creating will be a more stylized version of the general sci-fi style.


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This Udemy course aims to teach you from the ground up. It will cover the very basics of modelling and teach you the tips and tricks that the pros use in Blender 2.8. This course explains everything and will include a step-by-step exploration of all the new shortcuts that have come with this new Blender version. You will be able to keep up with the course’s pace through having an on-screen visual tooltip. Anything that needs some explanation is explained easily using a small pop-up box, so you will never be lost. My goal here is to not only have students re-create this sci-fi door but for them to come away with a comprehensive understanding of how and why. By the end of the course, the knowledge you will have learned can be put to use independent of the direction you take in 3D modelling – following the amateur or the professional path.

Happy modelling everyone!

Neil, 3D Tudor

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