Design and Animate Shapes Gradients and Type in After Effects…

Create Animations with Shapes and Gradients in After Effects

Create Animations with Shapes and Gradients in After Effects

I remember when I wanted to create cool animations using shape layers in After Effects, at first I was lost. How did they do that, and how did they set up their shots?

After many years on the job, I learned some effective workflow tips to help me create this data-driven infographic over the footage, and now you can too. I’ll be covering a lot of important workflow concepts like working with shape layers, using expressions, designing cool types so that you can create four different types of animation all in After Effects.

At the end of the course, you’ll have built up a library of assets that you can re-use in addition to creating four very different, popular, and trendy animation examples that you can use for your portfolio to help you get paid work.

Also, throughout the course, I will be supplying my working project files so that you can use them as a downloadable resource.

I want you to succeed. If you have any questions reach out to me in the Q&A section of the course. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Let me help you master animating and designing in after effects by clicking the red button on the right to enroll now.

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