Apply the five-step design thinking process to identify and creatively solve problems using a human-centered approach…
Design Thinking for Beginners: Develop Innovative Ideas

Design Thinking for Beginners: Develop Innovative Ideas

Design thinking is a five-step human-centered process. This course is for creative problem-solving. It was simplified by Stanford and IDEO. It is all about understanding your user’s needs and solving the right problem. By using this human-centered design approach, you can develop products and services that truly help your user.

This course is to serve as an introduction to the principles of design thinking. Touches on ways you can implement it in your workplace. The material is suitable for students who are new to design thinking or want a refresher on the core concepts.

In this course, you will:

  • Apply the 5-step design thinking process to a design challenge in your organization.
  • Empathize with your users through interviews and observations.
  • Define your core problem by synthesizing and analyzing the information.
  • Ideate solutions to your problem by brainstorming using “How might we…” statements.
  • Prototype your ideas rapidly to identify the best possible solution for your problem.
  • Test your prototypes with users to gather feedback on your proposed solution.
  • Pitch design thinking to your team or organization using storytelling.

Who this course is for:

  • Employees looking for a structured way to develop innovative ideas.
  • Human Resources employees looking to develop a more human-centered approach to their workplace training and programs.
  • Product managers looking to push their teams to focus on the user experience.

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