Drawing for Business Communication

Bring Structure, Creativity, and Engagement to your Meetings and Presentations with the Simple Art of Drawing…



Drawing for Business Communication

Drawing for Business Communication



We all spend a lot of time in boring meetings and presentations that fail to captivate our attention. None of us should have to go through something like this, especially if you are the one in charge of that meeting or presentation.

My name is Alex Glod. I’m a senior trainer, online instructor, and 3-times TEDx speaker. I’ve also struggled at the beginning of my career with keeping people engaged during my meetings and training. Luckily I found the solution in the most unexpected, yet obvious places – the ancient art of drawing and that immediately made my events stand out.

By applying drawing to our business communication we engage people’s imagination, sparkle their creativity and offer a memorable experience.


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During the course you will easily learn:

  • How to Develop Your Visual Vocabulary
  • How to Draw Templates that Will Make Your Meetings More Structured and Engaging
  • How to Add Drawings and Creativity to Your Presentations and Training
  • and The Bonus Skill of Writing Beautifully and Adding Fun Design Elements to your Flipcharts

All you need to join the course is a notebook, a black pen and a willingness to learn, but I also recommend using the course manual which will make your learning experience all the more fun. Don’t worry about being good or not at drawing, we will take care of in the very beginning.

So, let’s get down to business, join the course and bring magic, creativity, and joy to meetings and presentations.


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