Make a Multiplayer Inventory System similar to games like Diablo Escape From Tarkov, DayZ, and others…

Multiplayer Grid Inventory System in Unreal Engine 4

Multiplayer Grid Inventory System in Unreal Engine 4

This course is intended for the intermediate to an advanced developer who is specifically interested in creating a grid-like inventory system for multiplayer games. Multiplayer is difficult, and I would argue that inventory systems are one of the hardest systems to create for games, especially multiplayer games.

We will create a few items as examples, but we will set up the item system so you can add as many items as you want and have them added to your inventory system.

Again, this course isn’t intended for beginners. There’s a lot of blueprint communication going on in this course and you may get lost if you’re not sure how blueprints communicate. However, if you want to challenge yourself and learn some intermediate-advanced systems, then feel free to pick this course up and go through it.

We will take things slow and make sure each lecture is hyper-focused on just one topic or function at a time. That way, you can backtrack easily and redo any lectures in a short amount of time. I’ll try to keep each lecture between 5-10 minutes so it’s easy to rewatch and redo if you aren’t sure about something.

By the end of the course, you will have a basic multiplayer grid inventory system where you can pick up items and move them around in your grid inventory. The system will auto-assign where to put them in the grid when you first pick them up.

You can then move the item around and put it wherever you want in the grid. You will also be able to drag the item into the world and it will drop for other players to pick it up.

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