How to Create a YouTube Channel and Make Money?

How to Create a YouTube Channel and Make Money?

Let’s Make a YouTube Channel

YouTube channel is considered a basic necessity for marketing these days. If you want to become a YouTuber, keep in mind one thing: “No Pains No Gains”. Yes, that’s true! Most people think that making YouTube videos and achieving success is easy, but unfortunately, that’s not true. 

There are lots of problems you have to face while making your videos and uploading them and then getting your channel monetized. You can start your videos with just your mobile phone but don’t expect that just a mobile phone will deliver a professional-looking video.

If you are serious about the video-making business for youtube or tiktok, you have to have some decent equipment. Let’s discuss this equipment first:

To start a YouTube channel, you will need a few essential pieces of equipment which are:

  1. Camera: 
    You can use a smartphone, a digital camera. iPhone 12 to 14 have really good cameras and you can definitely use them for your pro-quality videos. But shooting at some distance needs a microphone for better voice quality.
  2. Microphone: 
    A microphone is essential for good audio quality. You can use a built-in microphone of your smartphone or your DSLR camera, but an external microphone will give you better sound. You can even use wireless microphones, especially in vlogs.
  3. Lighting: 
    Good lighting is essential for filming videos. You can use natural sunlight or invest in a few basic lighting equipments such as softbox lights or ring lights. You can find lots of budget as well as very expensive lights. I do not recommend expensive lights for beginners. Experiment with different lighting situations and see what suits your need.
  4. tripod: 
    A tripod will help keep your camera steady and prevent shaky footage. These days there are tripods available that can hold both DSLRs and mobile phones.
  5. computer: 
    After shooting your videos you have to edit them and upload them to your channel. For this purpose, you will need a computer or laptop. Your laptop or desktop should be capable to handle at least 4k video editing these days. You also need to install video editing software in it. Most software have minimum hardware requirements which you should consider before buying your PC, Mac, or laptop.
  6. Video editing software: 
    After shooting your videos, you will need a program to edit them. You will need to add effects, titles, and transitions. iMovie or Windows Movie Maker are free options. But this software has limited capabilities. In this regard, I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe Premiere Rush if you are not very technical.
  7. YouTube account: 
    To start a YouTube channel, you will need to create a YouTube account, which is very easy.

These are the essential equipment that you need, but as you grow and want to improve the quality of your videos, you can invest in more advanced equipment such as a more advanced camera, more advanced microphone, more advanced lighting equipment, etc.

Make sure you have a plan for your channel. What will you talk about, who will your audience be, what kind of videos you will make, how often will you post, etc?. The best videos which monetize quickly are How To’s videos and videos that give your audience some food for thought or inspiration.

After getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time your videos get monetized and you’ll start earning. making good relevant videos and posting them on social media is an easy way to get your subscribers and increase your watch time to get monetized.

The more you have your channel subscribers and watch time, the more you earn. Find your niche and stick to that for your channel. For example, if you are a technical guy then you should make videos about the technical solutions which you can give to the world.

You can also share your experiences with your audience. See your audience’s comments and try to answer them politely. Never get offended by negative comments, otherwise, you can lose your subscribers.

Never mix the niches, for example, if your channel is about computers and you start publishing videos about cooking, this would be a big mistake that can harm the confidence of your audience.

Make a unique logo for your channel and should do the intro and outro of your videos which should have your other social media information. Don’t forget to write good descriptions of your videos and give links to your social media accounts in them as well.

So don’t overthink, get your equipment and start making great videos!

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