Illustrator on the iPad MasterClass

Master the World’s best vector illustration tool in a completely new interface, designed for touch and Apple Pencil!.

Illustrator on the iPad MasterClass

Illustrator on the iPad MasterClass

Illustrator has been the gold standard for creating everything from gorgeous web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging, and billboards for decades. Until recently you had to have a desktop or laptop computer to use, but now you can also create stunning illustrations and graphics on the go, by using Illustrator on the iPad.

Taking this course can be the perfect introduction to creating vector illustrations for anyone who owns an iPad. The refined, modern interface and support for Apple Pencil makes this robust creative tool easier to master than ever before.

Throughout this MasterClass, I have carefully selected each example to give you clear explanations as we explore the key techniques from simple to more complex. If you follow along with the exercises and creative projects within the course, by the time you finish, you will use Illustrator on the iPad like a creative professional.

You will effortlessly find your way through the app, creating amazing vector illustrations for yourself, for clients, switching between desktop and iPad at the office, or working in a cozy park.

Thanks to Cloud Documents there is a seamless handover between devices and most of the techniques you will learn from this course will also apply to the desktop version of Illustrator.

Take the next step in your creative career, enroll for this course now, and let’s master Illustrator on the iPad together!

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