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Mastering Drivers in Blender 3D

Mastering Drivers in Blender 3D



“If you have any interest in animation or in simply learning cool new things about Mastering Drivers in Blender 3D, this course is well worth buying.” 

Score by Adventure in Blender – “The number of tips and tricks I learned was stunning.

No matter if you want to create really advanced rigging for characters, cool animated effects or simply want things to be done quicker, drivers are a great tool that every Blender user should have in their backpack!


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In this course from Explore Blender, we will go through drivers inside out, truly making them second nature to you. We start by going through the basics of how they work, and then we will jump headfirst into creating different projects that use drivers in different ways.

Starting easy and gradually getting harder, at the end of this course you will have learned all the details about drivers and the ways they can be used, making you completely ready to use them in your own projects, whenever they might be of help!

“Excellent … Time to blow my mind again.” – @Alex_Silver, Twitter


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