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The Modern Font Bundle Vol-4

The Modern Font Bundle Vol-4

The Modern Font Bundle Volume 4 is Here! Another 10 best-selling unique display fonts for only $29! No boring filler fonts. Just 10 memorable and stylish typefaces that will enhance your design work. That’s $2.90 per font. If that’s not a good deal then I don’t know what is!

  • See page 2 for all typefaces included.
  • Each typeface has 4 preview slides after that.
  • OTF, TTF, WOFF & WOFF 2 file for every font.
  • Quick and easy to download and install in organized folders with installation instructions included.
  • Multilingual Support included: ą á â à ä å ã æ ć ç ę é ê è ë í î ì ï ı ł ñ ń ó ô ò ö õ ø œ ś š ß ú û ù ü ý ÿ ž ź ż. Ą Á  À Ä Å Ã Æ Ć Ç Ę É Ê È Ë Í Î Ì Ï Ł Ń Ñ Ó Ô Ò Ö Õ Ø Œ Ś Š Ú Û Ù Ü Ý Ÿ Ź Ż.
  • FAQ’S

Can i use this font for my logo with the desktop license?


Can i copyright or trademark a design with this font?

I’m not a copyright lawyer but yeah go for it.

What software do the fonts work on?

Once installed on your computer it will show up in any software that types.

Can i upload the fonts to my website or canva?

Yes and yes.

How do I use to use ligatures Ligatures are: Two or more letters are joined together to form one glyph or character. They are automatic and will join when typed. If this does not happen then your ligature setting is turned off in your design software.

Every software is different so google how to turn ligatures on in your specific software. For Adobe software. It is in the open-type panel. For Canva you need to copy and past the ligature from your font book (mac) or Character Map (PC) glyphs panel as they don’t support OpenType settings.

The Modern Font Bundle Vol-4
The Modern Font Bundle Vol-4
The Modern Font Bundle Vol-4

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