NATURATA ALCHEMIA Mystical Astrology

NATURATA ALCHEMIA Mystical Astrology

About the Product

Naturata Alchemia Spiritual elements and astrology inspired illustrations are the main focus of this design collection. But the best part – a fully animated Major Arcana tarot deck! Please enjoy this wonderful corporate collection of dreamy animation and mystic design elements!

Mystical feelings and tarot readings – it’s autumn time and we celebrate the start of our favorite season with celestial rituals & witchcraft inspired design collection.



GRAPHICS (all 300 dpi except the photos which are 72 dpi)

  • 5 gold texture JPG (4000 x 4000 px).
  • 11 mood macro photography JPG (5184 × 3456 px).
  • 13 macro photography of textures JPG (5184 × 3456 px).
  • 38 texture overlays PNG (around 2000 x 2000px).
  • 540 illustrated elements included as PNG in black, white, gold & black distressed textured.
  • 12 hand gesture compositions PNG in 3 different texture shadings styles.
  • a tiny BONUS ;).
  • September UPDATE: 6 Birth Chart & Cosmology Elements.


  • Runen font TTF (only ABC and 1-9).
  • Witch font TTF (only ABC).


  • All elements as well as the ready-made layouts of the tarot decks in 12 layered EPS files.
  • 5 remade sun illustrations layered EPS.
  • SunCreator layered EPS (also available as separated PNG files in black)
  • Tarot Card single-layered EPS format (also available all in one EPS document).
  • 20 premade logo design templates EPS format.

The tarot card layout is for a 1080 x 1920 px ratio. If you need another format you can recreate them by using the included elements. Every element used in the decks is separately included in the collection).

Follow your daydream.

ana & yvy 2020.

  • NATURATA ALCHEMIA mystical astrology
  • NATURATA ALCHEMIA mystical astrology
  • NATURATA ALCHEMIA mystical astrology

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