Paperfeel Screen Protector Compatible with iPad Air 4 (10.9 inch 2020),for iPad Pro 11 (2020 & 2018), XIRON High Touch Sensitivity No Glare Scratch Compatible with iPad Pro 11 Matte Screen Protector

Paperfeel screen protector compatible with iPad Pro 11 inch, feels just like you are writing on paper, offer like paper touch, friction, and feel. It is mainly used for drawing, writing, or sketching.

Paperfeel functionality:

The best functional paper feel screen protector for iPad, most suitable when used with Apple Pencil to write, drawing, sketch, and design on screen.

Paperfeel Screen Protector

Sensitive Smooth Gliding:

This Paper feel screen protector offers you a natural and real feeling with stylus writing on screen as writing on paper, quite smooth and responsive.

Paperfeel Screen Protector

No glare feature:

Designed with no glare function to suppress light reflection. It makes your device both a perfect reading companion and a journal, ever under the bright sun.

Paperfeel Screen Protector


It is like lightly gritty paper, does well with pencil, does great on fingerprints.


Need the patience to install. A lot of realigning, once on now comes fun parts.

The Key is to leave the protective skin on top as u keep using a squeegee to press out bubbles that’s where patience comes and to avoid scratching the surface. That’s it.

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