Procreate Bird Drawing Toolkit

About the Product:

Introducing The Bird Edition of The Character Drawing Toolkit! A fun and innovative drawing aid for Procreate.

After the launch of the original Character Drawing Toolkit, I had many requests for a bird-specific pack. I’m not surprised! Not only are the feathered little creatures fun to draw, but they’re also one of the most popular subject matters in the graphics and art licensing world.

This Procreate brushset is perfect if:

  • You’re new to drawing and want to improve your bird drawing skills.
  • You’re a seasoned artist looking to expand your licensing portfolio to include more feathered friends and need a time-saving tool to help you achieve that.
  • You’d love to create and sell your own bird graphics in your shop.
  • Or you just want to have some fun drawing birds!

Pick from the many shapes, beaks, tails, and bodies as your guide, add a new layer, and start drawing! It’s really that easy!

With 112 Procreate brushes included, these thoughtfully created drawing aids will help kick start your drawing process. No more “blank canvas” anxiety!

Not all creatives have to Procreate which is why the brushes are available in various formats including PDF printouts if you prefer pencil and paper.

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