Use Blender and Substance Painter to create an interior scene for animation, games, or architectural visualization…

Scene Creation with Blender and Substance Painter

Scene Creation with Blender and Substance Painter

Would you like to create realistic environments for animation, architectural visualization, or games? Then check out “Scene Creation with Blender and Substance Painter.”

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Use Blender’s modeling tools and modifiers
  • UV map 3D objects in Blender.
  • Prepare 3D models for export to Substance Painter.
  • Create realistic PBR textures for 3D models in Substance Painter.
  • Create an Export Template in Substance Painter to be used for Blender
  • Apply PBR textures in Blender.
  • Add lights to a scene in Blender.
  • Render a scene using both the Cycles and Eevee render engines in Blender.

We will go over Blender’s modeling toolset and use blueprints to build up the walls, doors, and windows of the scene. We also will use reference images to help us model each piece of furniture in the various rooms.

You’ll learn how to UV map 3D objects and how to prepare each one for export to Substance Painter as an FBX file. In Substance Painter, we’ll create realistic PBR textures for our models, and you’ll learn how best to set-up those textures for use in Blender.

After we add the textures in Blender, we will begin working on the lighting. We’ll add spot lights and area lights to the scene and we will render the scene out using both Blender’s Cycles render engine, and the new Eevee renders an engine. You’ll see the differences and benefits of both.

All the project files are available for download, as well as all the reference images.

Start creating your own 3D environments in Blender. Get “Scene Creation with Blender and Substance Painter” today!

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