Create natural-looking watercolors using the power of Procreate…

The Procreate Watercolor Masterclass

The Procreate Watercolor Masterclass

This is a course all about creating beautiful watercolors in Procreate. Watercolor can be a challenging way of painting – you need the right tools, techniques and to understand the nature of watercolor. I’ve used real-life watercolors for many years. I have developed multiple new digital techniques.

I’ll take you right from the initial brush strokes using the dozens of different brushes you get with the course. You’ll practice your first brushstrokes using various sketches, color swatches, and files that I supply. I take you through a series of follow-along tutorials that give you increasingly advanced techniques and resources. I’ve used my 35+ years of experience as a professional designer/illustrator to create brand new directions using the tools Procreate gives us.

Over 4 hours of follow-along/have-a-go-yourself tuition, I’m giving you: 35 new watercolor brushes plus 72 brush heads, 22 watercolor splats, 56 watercolor splotches, 14 watercolor stencils, 12 watercolor textures, 18 white plus 18 gray paper textures, 20 pieces of line art to practice with, 52 color swatches based off real-world paints, and 256… new ways of working with color. You are getting serious value for money with The Procreate Watercolor Masterclass.

This course is a masterclass in using layer blend modes, clipping layers, layer masks plus various layer adjustments. Does any of that sound interesting? Yes? Great!

In this course you will:

  • Learn to create natural-looking digital watercolors using Procreate
  • Learn the effective digital watercolor technique
  • New techniques developed for this course
  • Learn about masking fluid – done digitally
  • How to control digital watercolor
  • Get a masterclass in Layer Masks, Clipping Masks & Layer Blend Modes
  • Create backgrounds for your artwork

Sometimes it’s not about the countless hours you spend practicing a skill. It’s about know-how. Enroll today, and I’ll show you how.

See you on the course!

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn the right techniques to create great art!

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