Typography Design for Designers & Developers

Did you know that certain iPhone screen sizes are larger than others? In this post, we’re going to discuss typography considerations and what IOS can do to make it easier. There’s much more about typography design that you’ll learn in this course to make your website or Ui design more appealing and practical.

Typography for Designers & Developers – Don’t suck at design

This workshop will help you learn about baseline grids, step by step exercises to apply for other developers to achieve a more readable and simple layout in an easy and less time-consuming way.

Baseline is an easy-to-use frontend grid system for responsive and modern web projects. Quickly add responsive and baseline-ready grids to your site. Learn how to set up Typography Scale using these online tools for developers.

What Will You Learn in This Course?

  • Create elegant web & Mobile app designs by selecting and pairing meaningful fonts
  • How to use white space effectively by using Vertical Rhythm and Modular Grid
  • Dramatically improve your boring designs with Modular Grid & Baseline Grid
  • Learn about Typography Classes and Anatomy
  • Learn about how to use line height and letter spacing effectively
  • Learn about IOS App Typography and understand different iPhone Screen size
  • Learn Google Android Typography, its scale, and its SP unit of type
  • How to connect your Photoshop Screen to iPhone or Android Device
  • How to balance your design using the LEGO Blocks method
  • Step by Step coding exercises to apply Baseline Grid for Developers
  • How to show a baseline grid in an HTML page with just one line of code for Developers
  • How to use padding, margins, and other elements to create Vertical Rhythm in CSS for Developers
  • How to use Vertical Rhythm in Bootstrap for Developers
  • Learn about when to use em, rem, VM, or font-size units usage for Developers
  • How to set up Typography Scale using online tools easily for Developers

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