Ultimate Web Designer & Web Developer Course

Learn about Web Designing. Learn by doing approach on Ultimate Web Designer & Web Developer Course….

Ultimate Web Designer & Web Developer Course

Ultimate Web Designer & Web Developer Course

Brad Hussey is updating the entire course. It is more relevant to the modern web designer and front-end web developer as we enter into 2022. Join now to get access! A to Z web design, web development and career-building course that will kickstart your progress. By focusing on what you need to learn, and avoiding the unnecessary details.

As you learn, you’ll be building over 23 custom projects throughout the course:

In Photoshop:

  • Design a custom web graphic
  • A custom business card
  • Design a modern landing page
  • Redesign a blog

In HTML5 & CSS3:

Multiple custom websites & web pages

  • Code the Google landing page
  • “Orbiting planets” animation in CSS3
  • A responsive “Startup Style” website

In Javascript & jQuery

  • A working “Tip Calculator”
  • An actual race car game
  • A “To-Do List” web application


  • Dynamic websites
  • An impressive application that fixes clickbait headlines
  • Working “login” and “logout” sequence
  • A profile page that pulls information from a database
  • Robust “Client Address Book” application that manages your clients’ information
  • Custom WordPress plugin

In AngularJS

  • Real Estate Listing Single-Page Application

In WordPress Plugins

  • Custom, real-world “survey” plugin

Who this course is for:

  • Web developers & Programmers looking to dramatically improve their design skills
  • Graphic & Web Designers who want to improve their web development & coding skills
  • Total beginners who want to learn how to plan, design and code amazing websites & applications
  • People who want to make a comfortable living online as a web designer or developer
  • Professionals who desperately want to leave the 9-to-5 for a fruitful new web design career
  • Freelancers who want to deliver higher value to their web design clients
  • Designers & developers who want to know how to start a successful freelance business
  • Anyone who likes a bit of fun

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