Webinar Slide Deck

Webinar Slide Deck



You’ve got an e-mail list and a digital course that you’re ready to grow… Now you just need a webinar slide deck that will make people buy. The problem?

You’re not a designer.

Not to worry – with this Webinar Slide Deck, you can DIY an engaging and professional looking presentation for your webinar or masterclass registrants. These 50+ templates were strategically crafted with digital offers in mind, complete with tech mockups that will make your online course or membership site “pop” and look completely irresistible. Plus, you can use Canva’s foolproof (and free!) drag-and-drop platform to get it done in no time.


PLUS: Custom tech mockups with drop shadows included!

50+ webinar slide deck templates, including…

  • cover page.
  • introduction.
  • “what you can expect”.
  • expectations in return.
  • social media callout.
  • “you’re in the right/wrong place if…”
  • method introduction.
  • step or stage introduction.
  • various text pairings.
  • pop quiz.
  • testimonial.
  • offer introduction.
  • fast action bonuses.
  • module overview.
  • pricing model.
  • offer components and value.
  • call to action.

BONUS! Evaluation worksheet.

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