Winter Holiday Characters Vector Illustrations

Winter Holiday Characters Vector Illustrations

Make memories with our loved ones

The holidays are a time for celebration. We especially love winter because it’s the season of giving; we make memories with our loved ones, decorate our homes, and share special moments with one another. It’s also a great time to think about how grateful we are, and how thankful we are in some ways that winter is temporary. Regardless of what culture you’re from, there is an old man who brings presents on this day!

Here are 8 cards with holiday greetings, as well as some of these cultures’ most popular characters delivering gifts.

Jesus Christ – A biblical figure known as Jesus of Nazareth. Saint Nicholas is actually a Dutch Christian saint. He became famous for giving presents to poor children on the 25th of December, which is now known as Christmas. Santa Claus (also called Father Christmas) is an American form of Englishman Father Christmas, who rides a sleigh with his reindeer to deliver gifts to children on Christmas Eve in Western culture. La Befana was originally from Italy and she would visit every other house in town and leave some lumps of coal before leaving a gift behind for the child on Epiphany when they had been bad that year.

Joulupukki is a Finnish figure from ancient times dressed like a goat who punished people for bad behavior during the Yule season and Odin was believed to be Santa’s predecessor in Scandinavian countries. Vikings received gifts from him during the Bølgeneust festivities during Yule solvents. Balts don’t believe he’s a pagan figure but rather a part of their ancient pre-Christian religion. Father Frost is also traditionally called Dyadko lozhezo “snow father” or Storinka “Grandfather Frost”. Hotei Buddha is a Chinese deity who is said to bring good

Every image comes in vector format ( AI ). They’re fully designed and easily editable.

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