Abstract Gradients in Adobe Illustrator

In this course, you will cover the basics of working with gradient meshes. Tips and tricks for distorting them in an experimental manner...

Abstract Gradients in Adobe Illustrator

Abstract Gradients in Adobe Illustrator


I am Evgeniya Righini-Brand, a graphic designer and founding partner at Attitude Creative. Experimenting with gradient-based designs in Adobe Illustrator has been one of my favorite creative playgrounds for years. I teach a popular Skillshare class Mastering Gradients in Adobe Illustrator, where, amongst other things.

In this course, you will cover the basics of working with gradient meshes. Tips and tricks for distorting them in an experimental manner. I am excited to share with you a different, more intentional approach to working with Gradient Meshes.

After this class, you will be able to:

  • gaining an understanding of what goes into creating this type of work;
  • how you can split the process into clear manageable steps;
  • and how you can use a range of Adobe Illustrator’s tools to develop your meshes into something intentional and captivating!

In this class, I will step-by-step guide you through all of the stages of creating artworks with Gradient Meshes including:

  • developing the structure of distortions using the Direct Selection, Anchor Point, Gradient Mesh & Distortion tools;
  • creating exciting vibrant color transitions using the Recolor Artwork tool. Refining coloring using the Color Swatches and HSB Color Sliders;
  • trouble-shooting and refining the composition;
  • integrating solid geometric elements into the mesh using Clipping & Opacity Masks to elevate the work. To give it more dimension and add a personal stylistic touch;
  • enhancing your work with easy texturing and color adjustment techniques;
  • saving your work for print and digital use.

If you are a designerillustrator, or an artist who loves the look of abstract organic colorful artworks. We would like to create your own to use in digital or print designbranding, or packaging projects. Print them out to use as wall art or sell print-on-demand products — this is the class for you!

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To make it easier to follow along, you’ll need a Creative Cloud version of Adobe Illustrator. You can download the latest trial version of Adobe Illustrator from adobe.comThis class uses mostly Adobe Illustrator’s core tools and techniques. You should be able to complete this class using any version of Adobe Illustrator.


Celebrate your creativity and the launch of this class, we’ll be running a giveaway of 1 year of Skillshare Membership!

To enter this giveaway:

  • watch this class:
  • post a project in this class;
  • leave a class review;
  • and follow us on Skillshare.

Double your chance of winning by being entered into the draw twice. Share the work you create on Instagram and post it as a project in this class. Tag us @attitudecreative and use the tag #AbstractGradientsWithAttitude. We can easily find your posts and share your work with our Instagram community!

The entry deadline is at noon EST on Sunday, 2 October 2022. The winner will be drawn at random & announced the following day.

I cannot wait to see your projects, and good luck!

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