Graphic Design Create a Bold, Colorful Album Cover

Graphic Design: Create a Bold, Colorful Album Cover

Explore color and form as you create a bold, graphic album cover with musician and designer Temi Coker! Join Temi, a noted shape enthusiast, on a journey of inspiration and exploration as he brings you through his graphic design process.

With an emphasis on the importance of joyful research, Temi’s class tackles the excitement of discovery and the process of growing as a creative person. 

With Temi’s approachable and welcoming teaching style, you’ll learn how to:

Thoughtfully seek out inspiration.

Play with composition and shapes.

Use Adobe Illustrator’s Live Paint Bucket tool for color.

Explore color theory through experimentation.

When you’re done, you’ll have a dope cover for your favorite playlist or album — and a skillset that will keep you expanding and growing as an artist. Plus, you’ll be able to check out everyone else’s top music choices, and maybe find a few new faves for yourself!

Temi has been inspired by the acclaimed artist Bram Vanhaeren — check out more of his incredible work here!

This class is welcoming to all levels and kinds of artists. Though geared toward designers with some working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, the tools used are simple and clearly explained.

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