Illustrator on the iPad with 2022 Features

Learn how to use Illustrator on iPad. Learn by doing approach on Illustrator on the iPad with 2022 Features…

Illustrator on the iPad with 2022 Features

Illustrator on the iPad with 2022 Features

Learn to Create Beautiful Graphics on this Comprehensive Adobe Illustrator on the iPad Course

This is a comprehensive course in Illustrator on the iPad, starting from scratch for complete beginners, through to advanced techniques. Using the new iPad version, I show you the techniques and concepts using touch, gestures and the Apple pencil. You do not have to be able to draw to complete this Illustrator on the iPad course. 

Using real life examples, I will demonstrate and give you exciting projects to carry out so you can easily put these into practice for your own artwork, graphic design work and marketing materials. Whether you want to get paid for your Illustrator skills, or you’re doing this for fun / self-improvement, this course and the projects will help you build confidence to be able to translate into your own work.

I will take you through Illustrator on the iPad by first looking at a specific set of tools and techniques, and then reinforcing your knowledge in these with a step-by-step project at the end of most sets of lectures. The projects range from simple logos and icons, through to more complex posters and into in-depth infographics. All the content can be adapted for both print or web.

During the videos there will also be key phrases that appear to help you remember tools, shortcuts and techniques.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who want to learn how to use Illustrator on the iPad and who want to learn how to create logos, infographics, icons and social media graphics
  • Who want to translate their existing artwork into vector format and who want to learn how to create amazing digital artwork
  • Anyone who plans to enter graphic design and who wants to draw using vector software
  • Illustrator Desktop users who wish to be more mobile and work on the iPad

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