Isometric Illustration Kit People



Isometric Illustration Kit - People

Isometric Illustration Kit – People



Set of 20 vector scenes for a company website. Big header collection with a bonus of 6 characters in different colour schemes and a mobile application template.

People work in a team, build charts and interact with graphs and different shapes. Landing page templates. Mobile application concepts. 3d isometric vector illustrations.

100% Vector

2 coloured versions for a homepage:

  • Boost Your Revenue
  • Teamwork (Change The Way Your Work)
  • Usability testing
  • Data Analysis (Customize Data View)
  • Target Audience (Know Your Customer)
  • Online Shopping
  • Social media/ Online Dating (Always Stay Connected)
  • Tracking/ Searching/ Navigation (Discover New Places and People)
  • Virtual Reality
  • Sport and Recreation (Training Made Fun)

4 Coloured versions of 6 different characters working in the office settings

Mobile Application template:

  • Enhance Productivity
  • Manage Statistics
  • Smart Search

Vector files, fully editable

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