Law of Attraction Shortcut Secrets

Law of Attraction Shortcut Secrets

Cogni-Fusion Personal Development Series, #1

By: Maria McMahon


Why does success always seem to be so elusive — just beyond your reach?

The answer isn’t just trying harder, getting more education, or trying to play the corporate games.  Sustained happiness and success in all ten categories of life Including Relationships, Career, Family, Friends, Finances, Health, Life Balance and more) can be yours, if only you know some of the secrets that are already working for others.

The Law of Attraction Shortcut Secrets is far more than a book. It is a complete system to implement the universal laws in your life. The system includes five core Cogni-Fusion MP3s and three Bonus MP3s. It incorporates a multi-disciplinary approach with insights from hypnotherapy, creative visualization, relaxation techniques, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), BWE (Brainwave Entrainment), and subliminal messages with positive affirmations and meditation. This system equips you to produce amazing life changes from the inside out. 

By reading this book and applying the Cogni-Fusion Mind Expansion Technology system, you will learn:

• How to identify and break free of self-limiting beliefs

• How to transform your thoughts to attract and to achieve your life goals

• How to maximize your experiences with the universal laws of gratitude, attraction, and abundance

• How to avoid and overcome the all-pervasive “shiny object syndrome” plaguing us today

• How to begin attracting the abundance you deserve in the areas of love, money, health, self-esteem, (or all of them), and much more

• How to overcome the seven critical blocks to your Law of Attraction success

• And so much more…

The author’s five powerful Cogni-Fusion Mind Expansion Technology MP3s are provided as critical components of this groundbreaking new system, to those who have purchased this book (via download link in the book). She also includes three bonus MP3s that will help you with creative visualization, meditation, and other techniques to enable your personal transformation to rapidly become your new reality.

Don’t allow procrastination to block you from launching into this fantastic system of personal transformation, and achieving the life of your dreams.

ACT NOW! Go to the BUY button! Then, you can immediately begin reading Law of Attraction Shortcut Secrets, listening to the incredible MP3s, and rapidly experiencing the changes you have been waiting for!


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