Omoton C2 Cell Phone Stand

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand, OMOTON C2 Aluminum Desktop Phone Holder

This adjustable Omoton Cell Phone Stand! It was a game-changer for the home office. Before I’d prop cell on the laptop edge, or the book or anything to access the mute button easier (and other functions). Living in the country, in a valley, lose reception if I swiveled even a little in a chair, so I always had to ground the cell on desktop.

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

This is more like a piece of hardware than it is a cheap piece of plastic. It’s metal, it’s heavy and you might be able to hold a small flat-screen TV with this thing. If you’re looking for something that super light and plasticky this is not it. It might actually be too heavy-duty for some people who just want to drop the phone in for charging.

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

The adjustable OMOTON stand, however, is a much better product to meet needs when using a phone, and also a tablet, for online meetings and also live online exercise class. The adjustable stand feature enables you to easily adjust the angle at which you viewed in meetings.

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

Adjustable Angle Viewing: Multiple Angles could be adjusted (270 degrees rotating) to meet your different viewing demand. Makes you hands-free to enjoy your games, videos, and Facetime.

Superior Stability: We adopt thicker (3mm) aluminum material and bigger size (4.1*3*4.4 inches) to guarantee stability.

Heavy Case Compatible: The hook is long enough to hold your device (all size cell phones) with HEAVY CASE on. And no need to take off the case when charging.

Anti- Scratch & Anti- Slippery. It is equipped with larger silicone pads to protect your device from slipping or scratch

Excellence in detail. Similar to CNC technology as Macbook adopts, you could enjoy the comfortable sense of touch even on the edge.

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